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Advocacy, Coaching and Support

Advocacy, Coaching and Support

As well as offering full clinical and educational psychology assessments, How I Learn offers one-off sessions, usually an hour in length, to help 'trouble shoot' or navigate particular learning or system challenges.


For example, you may require the following kinds of advocacy and support:

  • help communicating with a school, tertiary education provider or employer how they can support your learning, or the learning of your child
  • someone to join you at a meeting with a school to help share the findings of an assessment
  • ideas for 'next-steps' six-months or a year after receiving an assessment report
  • ensuring understanding of a report received from another assessor
  • coaching in how to implement a particular strategy with a child
  • with older children and adults, 1:1 coaching in a particular skill, such as organisation or emotion regulation
  • support to complete applications for assistance.


Advocacy and support services are offered at an hourly rate of $160 (inc GST) per hour.