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Assessing Intellectual Abilities

Intellectual Abilities

While many children sit in the average range of cognitive functioning, some will sit at either end of the intellectual spectrum.

Gifted and Talented Learners

Children who are gifted can find schooling a real challenge. Behavioural and emotional difficulties can occur if a student is bored, and their academic capacity is not being recognised or catered for. Identifying a child as gifted and talented can assist teachers to meet that child's need, extending and challenging them in ways that keep them engaged and excited to learn.  An assessment of intellectual ability (also called cognitive ability) can also provide evidence to support consideration for extension learning programmes, such as One Day School.

The price for a cognitive assessment is $600 (inc GST).

Intellectual Disability

Children with an intellectual disability can find school particularly hard - especially if their needs are not recognised. Often, an intellectual disability is picked up early in development by parents, Plunket, G.P.s or other health professionals and assessments are organised through the public health system. When a disabillity is at the milder end, children's difficulties can be missed, or mistaken for a Specific Learning Disorder. That is where How I Learn can help. We can carry out an assessment that looks at both cognitive ability and day-to-day functioning.  Assessment of both cognitive and functional abilities is needed to determine if a person meets diagnostic criteria for an intellectual disability. If an intellectual disability has been identified, appropriate modifications can be made at home and at school to make learning - and life - more fun. A child with an intellectual disability may also be eligible for funding support at school and at home.

The price of intellectual ability assessment is $750 (inc GST).