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Additional Assessment Services

ADHD (or more general behavioural) assessments

ADHD assessments, or assessments to explore specific behavioural concerns, are available through the public health system.  Having said that, waiting lists can be long, and you may want to get a sense of what is happening sooner, rather than later.  An ADHD assessment includes a cognitive assessment, parent interview, teacher interview, school observation and use of additional psychometric assessment tools.  This can be carried out independently or together with an educational assessment for an additional fee. Please note while an assessment may lead to diagnosis, you would be referred on to others (e.g. your GP, paediatrician, parent-coaching services) for follow-up intervention and support.

Brief behavioural, emotional and executive functioning screening, using questionnaire based psychometric assessment tools can also be carried out.

Update Reports

Perhaps you have received a report from us (or another assessor) before and are wondering how your child is progressing?  Maybe you are approaching a new milestone or transition point (such as starting high school or needing evidence to support an application for Special Assessment Conditions). Depending on the nature of the earlier report, we may be able to carry out a shorter assessment, focusing on key areas raised as concerns in the earlier report.  Update reports are charged based on the amount of further assessment required and the length of time since the previous report.  

Reviewing Reports

Sometimes people have received a report from another assessor, but for various reasons, they are still struggling to make sense of the results, or trying to figure out “where to from here”.  How I Learn offers a support service to help people thoroughly understand assessment reports, even when prepared by another professional.  

School Visits

On occasion, an assessor may need to make a school visit to support an assessment process. For example, this may be necessary when a teacher and parent observe quite different behavior at home and at school.  It may also be necessary if parents or teachers want us to attend subsequent meetings, for example when planning an Individual Education Plan, or meeting with an RTLB or RTLit.  School visits are charged at $160 (inc GST) per hour.