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Educational Psychology Assessment

Educational psychology assessment - $875 (inc. GST). This includes a cognitive assessment ($600 inc. GST) and an in-depth assessment of one academic area ($275 inc. GST). The academic area can be either literacy (reading and writing) or mathematics. When appropriate, this may include diagnosis of a Specific Learning Disorder.
Add-ons to educational psychology assessment:
  • Full assessment of a second academic area - add $275 (inc. GST)
  • An ADHD (or general behavioural) assessment including child session, parent interview, teacher interview, school observation, psychometric assessment - add $400 (inc. GST)
  • A brief questionnaire-based screening assessment around behaviour OR emotional wellbeing OR executive function - add $175 (inc. GST) per area.

Intellectual Abilities Assessment

Intellectual disablity assessment (including cognitive and functional abilities) - $750 (inc. GST).

Assessment of cognitive abilities - $600 (inc. GST)

Reviewing & Clarifying Past Reports

Reviewing of reports you have received in the past that you require assistance to interpret and understand.  Includes reading the report and verbal feedback session - $160 (inc. GST).  An additional written summary can be provided for a further fee.

School Visits

School visits - $160 (inc. GST) per hour.