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As there is no 'one-size-fits-all' assessment at How I Learn, there is no 'one-price-fits-all' either.  The price of an assessment varies depending on the content. A quote will be given before an assessment is confirmed - so there are no surprises.  

We spend between 8 and 20 hours focused on each client we work with. Some of this is face-to-face, but much of it is behind the scenes. For every hour we spend face to face with you or your child, you can expect we will be spending another two or three gathering information, reviewing old reports, analysing data or writing up the report.  

You can therefore expect a clinical or educational psychology assessment to be in the range of $750-$1950 (inc GST).


Examples of pricing components include:

Start with: Cognitive assessment - $750

Add: in-depth literacy assessment (inc. oral language, reading and writing): - $450

Add: maths assessment - $320

Add: in-depth maths assessment - $450

Add: ADHD or broad behavioural assessment - $750

Add: Social-emotional assessment - $350


Examples of standalone assessments:

General educational psychology assessment including reading, writing, maths - $1520

Intellectual Disability assessement (inc cognitive and adaptive functioning) - $950

ADHD or broad behavioural assessment (inc cognitive but no academic areas assessed) - $1500