Training, Professional Development, and Professional Supervision

Training, Professional Development, and Professional Supervision

How I Learn can provide training and professional development sessions for schools, tertiary education institutions, and other interested organisations.  Current topics include:

  • understanding cognitive and educational assessments
  • how to support students with specific learning challenges
  • understanding working memory - and how it impacts learning
  • executive functioning and how to support learners in the classroom.

We welcome suggestions for other topics of interest to you or your organisation.

How I Learn can also provide training to other psychologists who wish to develop their skills in administering cognitive and educational assessments and making accurate diagnoses.  We also offer individual or small group-professional development sessions.

Polly and Emma are available to offer professional supervision to other clinical or educational psychologists, either on a one-off basis, or to meet NZ Psychologist Board Continuing Competency Programme requirements.

Please contact Polly (020 4100 6684) to discuss your training needs.